Just a selfie? or something more?

Could selfies replace a professional photographer?

In the eternal research of photography inspiration, a great source is YouTube. A few days ago, I stumbled upon the videos of Sorelle Amore, who is specialized in a phenomenon called “advanced selfie”. Have a look at one of her video’s below or visit her YouTube channel!

Advanced selfie

What is this super elaborated form of a selfie? Everybody knows how to take a selfie with a smartphone, but an advanced selfie is a little bit more difficult to realize. You’ll need a camera on a tripod, a remote trigger, but most of all a lot of imagination and patience. As Sorelle says in one of her video’s, there’s no such thing as a one shot success. It could take hours to get the perfect shot and that’s what most of us underestimate.

The effort needed to take the perfect advanced selfie

As you can see in the video, when Sorelle wants to make selfies in the beautiful desert area, she has to climb up and down the rocks a lot of times to obtain a good result. Admitted, the pictures are really great, but to create the magic you’ll need a lot of effort — which could be a challenge, too!

The professional photographer coaches your poses

If you know exactly how to make use of the positive points in your face and body, you won’t need any coaching. Most of the clients we have however, are not professional models so they need the “eye of the pro” to get nice results. As professional photographers, we can quickly find the strong aspects of most personalities and body shapes, and adapt your posing accordingly.

Relax and go along with your photographer’s advice! 

Professional lighting and retouching

Combined with good lighting, we are able to make your perfect portrait, so you don’t have to worry about the results. Upon request, adding some personalized image retouching really puts the cherry on the cake.

Want to know more about our photography?

Words weigh but pictures can cause a shock. An image is worth more than a 1000 words. These powerful slogans can be confirmed even more easily in our digital era. You cannot show the advantages of a product or your business without one or more images.

You still want to take "advanced selfies"?

Did you ever wonder how to take the most beautiful selfies? Aside from having your photos taken by us, we can also learn you how to make your camera work for you, so you can follow the latest photography trend! We will dedicate a special workshop on this theme and explain all the details, camera settings, poses and lighting.

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